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Brewing Mead

Interested in Brewing Mead? It is a tradition that dates back hundreds, maybe even thousands of years and it was the drink of choice before beer and wine. This Medieval Drink is made from Honey instead of grapes. I am in the process of making mead. See the tutorial on how it is done - complete with lots of pictures. Mead Making Tutorial The Mead has been going well and now it has been racked into a large glass bottle (Called a Carboy) You can see this update at the mead tutorial.





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Blacksmithing lessons and videos - A series of tutorials, videos and projects on the art of blacksmithing. Step by step guides with easy projects on learning the art of the blacksmith. Also has information about the anvil, tools, how to make coal and how to make your own back yard forge. You just need a few simple things and you can have your own forge. Getting an anvil can be a bit of a challenge and coal is your largest expense but there are tutorials on how to make your own coal from wood.





The Heroic Dreams Blog - For daily information about things medieval, mead making, weapons, armor, movies and more.











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